You will notice that our products are unusual and unique. That is no accident. Our approach to new product development is always to look beyond the "conventional wisdom" for a new perspective and total innovation. Our products and services are used by top professional shooters in action and precision shooting disciplines in addition to law enforcement and military. And that says it all.
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Our Custom Rifles

Our products and services are the direct result of that experience.
Custom Revolvers
Our custom revolvers offer state of the art performance, features and workmanship for demanding competitive shooting. Send us your S&W; K or L frame for conversion or have us supply a new revolver for you.
Supermatch Barrels

We now have our own line of barrels made to our exacting specifications and special configuration to mate with our components. Machined from the best 416 stainless alloy with tight match chambers and precision rifled in 1x9 or 1x8 twist.

Glock Trigger Enhancements

We have perfected a modification package for the Glock which is second to none and guaranteed to improve your control and accuracy with these great pistols.

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