Guns vs Crossbows

Guns or Crossbows: Which one to buy? We decided to do this article after our sponsorship by BowAuthority. Check out their intensive crossbow review guides. You can also check out other crossbow facts on this website. Once upon a time, bows and crossbows were a formidable weapon, used both in hostilities and in hunting. But […]

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Who is the World Best Gun Shooter?

With over 20 world records, Jerry Miculek Jr. is arguably the best gun shooter in the world. He holds the record for emptying a five-shot revolver in 0.57 seconds. Who is Jerry Miculek: Born on September 7, 1954, in Freeport, Texas Jerry Miculek was named after his father, though he was the third in a […]

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10 Rules of Safe Gun Handling
Safe Gun Handling

Guns are dangerous, and you cannot be too careful with them. It is imperative that we follow specific safety measures whenever handling any firearm, be it a pistol, revolver or a rifle. Always assume the Gun is loaded: Whenever you see a gun, assume it is loaded. Take all precautions you would usually take with […]

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