JP AR Fire Control System

Precision Trigger System

Our friends at J & S Custom Guns in Lakeville, Minn. were doing a trigger modification using the over-travel and engagement settings on stock triggers for some time and achieving some impressive results. However, inconsistencies in the stock parts made the job difficult and they agreed to let us take their set screw idea a step further and refine the concept.

The JP trigger is metallurgically correct, features engagement and over travel adjustments in combination with completely re-engineered precision ground sear geometry, eliminating most of the hammer camming effect so prevalent with the original parts. Timing is correct thereby eliminating the fire on release or “doubling” problem when properly installed. The extremely short reset of the hammer ensures a durable relationship of the parts.

Patent Pending

The complete absence of take up, over travel and incredibly short reset makes this fire control system the fastest available for action rifle competition. Again, this component is the choice of many professional shooters: Jerry Miculek, Kay Clark/Miculek, Bruce Piatt, Matt Purkett, Tony Holmes, Rick Byfield, Tawn Argeris and many other pro shooters use rifles equipped with a JP Fire Control System. GUNSITE, the reknown training center in Arizona, uses our components on their custom shop rifles. Even Colt’s Manufacturing, Inc. has now selected the JP system for use in their top of the line rifles. What more can we say?

The kit includes the trigger, a high quality disconnector and two modified springs. Four pages of detailed instructions show how to install, set up and test the system. If you have a good understanding of the AR trigger system and good mechanical aptitude and some basic tools, you can install it yourself.

If you do not have an understanding of the AR trigger system, don’t feel comfortable working on your own gun or just plain don’t have the time, send us your lower receiver assembly and we will install the system for you and turn it around in two weeks or less at a nominal fee. No need to wait for months for another trigger system which will not feel as refined as the JP system and cost considerably more.

The JP trigger system is compatible with your original hammer if it has not been altered or you may wish to add our high quality AR Speed Hammer for vastly reduced lock time for an even more refined system.

With the springs we provide, you can expect a 3.0 to 3.5 lb clean trigger in most receivers. The system can also be set up for the DCM service rifle 4.5 lb trigger with a different set of springs as covered in the instructions and has become extremely popular for that application due to its refined feel and reliability.

JP Speed Hammer

The JP Speed Hammer is the perfect compliment for our trigger system. The low mass hammer gives a 50% reduction in lock time for improved accuracy and ignition reliability. It is also compatible with your original trigger parts. This hammer is so fast you can hear the difference when you dry fire. Complete with “J” spring.

JP Oversize Anti-Walk Pins

Our JP Oversize Anti-Walk Pins are the final refinement of any AR-15 trigger system.

Precise fit of triggers and hammers on their respective pivot pins is essential to get the maximum performance potential out of high grade parts. These tool steel trigger-hammer pins are now available in .156 for small pin and .172 for large pin receivers and feature stainless “E” clips on both ends for a more refined appearance. Eliminates the “camming” effect caused by undersized pins and the need for the ‘J’ spring for hammer pin retention, and eliminates pin drift problems. The JP pins are also impregnated with the new “moly-coat” process used to lubricate rifle bullets. Trigger and hammer may have to be reamed for a perfect fit. No modifications to receiver are needed.