JP AR Gas System

Our AR Adjustable Gas System was an off shoot of the Recoil Eliminator which works so well that the remaining feel to many rifles is the “bolt slamming” effect in the stock. Most ARs cycle much faster than necessary and we found that retarding the bolt velocity just a bit made for a smoother shooting rifle.

This easy to install gas manifold allows you to tune your bolt velocity to a particular load and optimize the “feel” of your rifle. If you enlarge the gas port, it is possible to tune up or down in case you want to use reduced loads or in the case of some very short barreled AR versions (such as AR pistols) which are somewhat ammunition sensitive. You may also shut the system off if you don’t want to chase brass.

Our gas block also gives a professional looking way to eliminate the front sight on flat top ARs instead of cutting off the existing front sight as a makeshift approach to that problem. The quick detach point on top allows the use of flashlights, lasers or any other accessory item you may have a use for.