Guns or Crossbows: Which one to buy?

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Once upon a time, bows and crossbows were a formidable weapon, used both in hostilities and in hunting. But since then many centuries have already passed, far more advanced types of weapons have appeared, and today both the bow and the crossbow are more exotic, and they are definitely obsolete in terms of combat effectiveness.

Crossbows and modern firearms, who wins?

Bow and crossbow lose to modern firearms in all respects. The arrow cannot guarantee the kill shot to the target in the way a bullet does. The arrow has a low flight speed, so it is difficult to get into a moving target from a bow and crossbow. In this case, the trajectory of the boom is too steep, it depends on many factors. Some of these factors include speed and direction of the wind, the position of the arrow, tail, and tip, tension force, etc., which are very difficult to take into account, and without this, the accuracy of the shot suffers. Such weapons are singly charged, and reloading takes relatively long time. The dimensions of the crossbow make it difficult to conceal it, and, if you carry it in disassembled form, you need to provide time to bring it into working order. Contrary to popular belief about the noiselessness of the gun, when you run the bowstring, cotton is produced, comparable to a shot from a small-calibre rifle, and it is impossible to muffle it.

Effective use of the crossbow, and especially of the bow, requires colossal training, including regular training under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

A modern firearm is much easier to shoot, therefore for a lot of people all they would need to do is to pick it up and aim it to get the hang of it.  A modern firearm or rifle is way more accurate in a whole host of different situations for the average user. So if it is the first time that someone is using a crossbow, then they are more likely to miss. This is not the case with the first time user of a gun. As long as they aim it in the right direction, a modern gun is more likely to hit the intended targets.

Is this weapon used for any modern hunting?

Maybe the crossbow has been used for hunting or poaching? Of course, there are a small number of hobbyists of this type of occupation, but the massive use of such weapons for these purposes is hampered by all the same reasons. Crossbow requires a distance of several tens of meters, respectively, you need to silently creep up to the target, and doing this is not easy. If a crossbow bolt can be hit on the targeted area, then the arrow will hurt the animal but not kill it, accordingly, the hunter will need to catch up and finish him off. Make a sharp shot, given the steepness of the trajectory of the arrow and the many factors on which it depends, it is very difficult.

If there are so many different reasons why crossbows are inferior to modern guns, what place does the crossbow have today? The main area of its use is sports, there are several types of crossbow sport. And these types of crossbows are arranged according to the strength of the weapon. These are usually categorized according to the tension force of 43, 70 and 120 kg, depending on the type of weapon. Some amateurs are engaged in hunting, but in most of the world, this is rather hard, due to legal difficulties in regards to hunting laws and weapon ownership. And, finally, this kind of amateur use in hunting also makes the crossbow not as popular as a modern gun. However, it takes a lot of skill to master a crossbow weapon. Shooting from such a weapon is an exciting activity that can become an interesting hobby. Therefore, more people try and seek out crossbows in order to get a real feel for what it is actually like to skilfully handle a weapon. Some people like the challenge of handling a crossbow, and that is why a lot of people are checking out crossbows and purchasing them. In fact, the recent resurgence of the popularity of crossbows is because of the big interest in modern archery. In the sport of archery, compared to traditional bows crossbows are superior. Crossbows can provide more power, distance, ease of use, and they are also generally way more accurate than a normal bow too. And that is why a lot of arch