Guns are dangerous, and you cannot be too careful with them. It is imperative that we follow specific safety measures whenever handling any firearm, be it a pistol, revolver or a rifle.

Safe Gun Handling

Always assume the Gun is loaded:

Whenever you see a gun, assume it is loaded. Take all precautions you would usually take with any loaded gun irrespective of what you are told. Check for yourself and make sure. This checking has to become an automatic habit.

Always point the gun in a safe direction:

This is the most important of all the gun safety rules. It is crucial when loading or unloading the firearm.   Never point a gun at anything you don’t want to shoot. In case the gun goes off accidentally no harm will be caused if the gun is pointing in a safe direction.

Don’t touch the trigger:

Never touch the trigger on a firearm until you intend to fire the weapon. Keep your fingers away from the trigger while loading and unloading the gun. Many people tend to be careless with the trigger while handling firearms. Avoid it to stop accidents.

Know your target:

Don’t shoot unless you are sure of the target. Be sure that your bullet will not injure anyone or damage anything beyond your target. Firing at movement can cause harm to others.

Know your Gun:

Learn about the features and the operation of the firearm you intend to use. Each gun is different, and it is imperative you know the operations of your firearms thoroughly to avoid any improper use and resultant accidents. You should not be learning these within the practice range. Study it in advance and be careful when you handle the firearm.

Don’t rely on the gun’s safety:

Gun’s inbuilt safety may malfunction anytime. Never pulls the trigger with the safety of the safe position. It is possible that the gun can fire at anytime when you release the safety even without touching the trigger.

Don’t shoot at hard surfaces:

Bullets can ricochet on hard surfaces and fly in any direction. They may even turn right back at the shooter. Even shooting at water can be dangerous at times as bullets may glance off in an unintended direction harming anyone on the path.

Use the right Ammo:

Using the wrong ammo can damage the firearm and cause serious personal injury. The proper ammunition is often marked on the gun. Make sure you are using the right kind. It only takes a moment to check and prevent serious mishaps.

Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions:

Before loading the firearm make sure there are no obstructions in the barrel of the gun. Even small bit of snow, mud, excessive lubricating oil in the bore can increase the pressure dangerously when fired. This might cause bulging or even bursting of the barrel, which may cause injury to the shooter or bystander.

Don’t modify your gun:

Modifying or altering the gun can impair its functioning and may result in unwanted accidents. Over time make sure to get your firearm serviced at regular intervals to make sure it remains efficient for a long time.