JP Recoil Eliminators

Radical performance with looks to matchsums up the JP Recoil Eliminator which allows the fastest possible sight recovery and the highest level of recoil reduction possible.

“A strange looking affair” you might say. Our patented Recoil Eliminator doesn’t look this way because we think it’s cute. Every one of its features has a performance related purpose.

Whether you’re an IPSC practical rifle competitor, a varmint hunter, a member of a special military or police tactical team, or just a plinker, sight recovery is the name of the game. There is a reason that many top professional shooters such as Jerry Barnhart, Doug Keonig, Bruce Piatt, Matt Burk

What are people saying?

Knights Armorment, manufacturers of the famous SR-25 rifle exclusively recommend the JP Recoil Eliminator for their rifle. Ask anyone who is using one of our recoil eliminators – they’ll tell you the effect is nothing short of amazing. Every gun writer who has reviewed this product feels that it is the best device of its type they have tested.

One of my recent customers put it this way; he said that he was able to take a follow up shot at a prairie dog at about 350 yards with his AR-15 before the first bullet impacted. If you are an IPSC action rifle competitor, think of what that means in terms of speed on 6” steel plates at 200 to 300 yards. On closer range field courses with the AR-15, your splits on double tapping paper targets are only limited by the agility of your trigger finger. The rifle will not leave your point of aim.

Unlike many other muzzle brakes on the market, I am not talking about just eliminating or reducing muzzle flip. Instead, my goal was to eliminate the actual recoil impulse which is responsible for muzzle flip. In other words, the JP Recoil Eliminator solves the problem not just the symptom. This results in a very neutral feel to the rifle unlike some brakes which actually generate a thrust effect on the muzzle resulting in a negative muzzle flip which is much more difficult to deal with than a rifle with nothing on it at all. Your natural feed back loop can deal with a positive muzzle flip with considerable speed but not a negative flip.

If you work out the numbers, you’ll find that the muzzle energy of the gasses from a .223 20 inch rifle possess about 70% of the muzzle energy of the projectile. If you do nothing with it, it must be added to the overall recoil impulse. If you can utilize that energy at about a 80% to 90% level of efficiency to subtract from the recoil impulse, you can see the potential. The 11 inch M-16 shown in the video segment appears to be recoilless because the muzzle energy of the projectile from the short barrel is nearly equal to the kinetic energy of the high pressure gas which is being harnessed by the Recoil Eliminator.

On larger bore rifles the effect is equally impressive. You can shoot a .270, 30-06, 300mag. or larger rifles all day with no recoil fatigue. My demo rifle is a .270 bolt gun which I hold up with the butt plate about one inch from the 

ip of my nose and pull the trigger. The rifle just taps my nose. You know how punishing it is to fire a high powered light weight hunting rifle off a bench rest. You have to crunch your face into the stock and tension your whole upper body to avoid having the scope permanently imbedded in your skull. Imagine how much your accuracy will improve when you can completely relax and not anticipate that punishing recoil. I have people who use .300 mags for varmint rifles and fire 100’s of rounds in a sitting. The remaining recoil impulse is nearly linear so sight recovery is almost instantaneous. For police emergency rifle applications, it is possible to spot your own hits.

Two additional fringe benefits are that the gasses are directed up and to the sides so that the shooter is not exposed to the punishing concussion associated with other brakes on the market and due to the shape, no dust is thrown up when shooting prone off a bi-pod. Also, it will not take the paint off your hood when you’re taming those prairie poodles.