With over 20 world records, Jerry Miculek Jr. is arguably the best gun shooter in the world. He holds the record for emptying a five-shot revolver in 0.57 seconds.


Who is Jerry Miculek:

Born on September 7, 1954, in Freeport, Texas Jerry Miculek was named after his father, though he was the third in a family of five kids because he had the same birthday as his father. After his birth, his family moved to southern Louisiana where he spent the next 38 years. He took an early interest in shooting and hunting and spent all his free time shooting at a local dump in Gramercy, Louisiana. Jerry worked as a millwright for fifteen years before becoming a professional shooter in 1989. Jerry is an expert with rifles, shotguns, and handguns, having won contests and set records with all of them. He is also an excellent gunsmith. He is sponsored by Smith and Wesson which has created a model in his honor. Smith & Wesson has also introduced a Jerry Miculek signature version revolver. He along with his family members appeared on two seasons of Shootout Lane on the Outdoor channel.

A Life of Achievements:

Jerry estimates that in his lifetime he has shot 1.5 million rounds of ammunition, which equals approximately 20 tons of lead. In a career spanning over 30 years, Jerry has won 52 National titles and 45 International titles. The titles include Overall IPSC Revolver World Champion and Senior IPSC Revolver World Champion. He also won the USPSA 3-Gun National Championship seven times,  USPSA Multi-gun National Championship four times. Jerry is the only person to have won the American Handgunner World Shoot-Off Championship with a revolver. He has won the International Revolver Championship 21 times, and he was also a member of a seven-time winning pro team at the Sportsmans Team challenge. These are only a partial list of his titles, and he is not done yet.

More than his titles, it is the numerous world records he had achieved in speed shooting.   In 2003, Jerry retired six shots each from 10 revolvers in 17.12 seconds to set a new world record. In 2014 he used two .233 pistols to fire 19 shots in just  3.10 seconds at five different targets. In 2013, Jerry fired six shots from a rifle in just 0.98 seconds. This year, he had ten shots on three targets in only 1.59 seconds. In 1999, Jerry fired eight shots from a revolver on a single target in 1 second.

Now, Jerry continues to set records with his amazing skills. He runs a company Bang incorporated, which offers shooting lessons. He also appears on his YouTube channel. Smith & Wesson has also introduced a Jerry Miculek signature version revolver. Jerry is married to Kay Clark Miculek, and their daughter Lena is also a champion shooter.